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"De spiser suppe og drikker vand."

Translation:They eat soup and drink water.

March 12, 2015



Soup and water...they must be poor, like me =D

[deactivated user]

    Wouldn't it be drinking soup? You don't exactly use your teeth to drink soup...


    I think people generally think of soup as a food and not a beverage. I think the fact that you use a utensil to consume it qualifies it for a food.


    Well that is a very moderate meal!


    Must be a really spicy soup...


    I don't know where to report this. Instead of TYPE, DUO writes TAP for some of these lessons. Surely that's wrong? It certainly sounds weird.


    I thought I knew "suppe", but I only knew how to read it. I need soo much listening practice. When I heard this, I honestly thought it meant "They eat soap and drink wine."


    Is it just me or does "suppe" sound exactly like "sukker"?


    Let's try not to squabble about eating or drinking soup. If it's in a mug, I drink it. If it's in a bowl and I am using a spoon, I eat it. Simples.

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