"Brødet er hvidt."

Translation:The bread is white.

March 12, 2015

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Not if it's dansk rugbrød


I don't get when you use hvid, hvide or hvidt. Please help :(


Adjectives decline according to the grammatical gender and number of the nouns they modify.
hvid - singular common gender.
hvidt - singular neuter gender.
hvide - plural of either gender.
hvide is also used when applied attributively (in front of) a definite noun, as in “det hvide brød”.


Hvid = base form Hvide = plural Hvidt = third person


there is defiantly something wrong with that bread (I have never seen white bread before)


Definitely* also there's brown and white bread lol. I think I even saw green bread once!


We are told elsewhere that a definite object (brødet - the bread - here) takes the plural form of the colour name - which would be hvide here, but this is not the case - or have I got the wrong end of the loaf?


I understood that what you say is for the definite way (det hvide brod). here it's used with "er", so it is an attribute (at least, we call it that way in French). With "er" it's the simple way (common or neutral).


The part that is not the crust (idk what it's called :P) is white...


That is exactly what it's referred to in the UK (and probably other sections of the English speaking world): white bread. What description do other places give to a loaf which is white inside as opposed to those which are brown inside and out (wholemeal / wholewheat) bread?

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