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This gave me a good laugh today! Who else can relate?

August 27, 2013



I don't even know a language good enough to talk to someone in it and this made me laugh so hard. Thank you for sharing that. I especially love the parts about overhearing someone speaking in the language you know.


Yea, I definitely feel that way every time I hear Danish on the street! :)


Do you speak Danish? Danish is my first language ;D


Jeg taler dansk más o menos ;)


Danskpanyol? Would make a cool crossover. Hmm where did all my consonants go? :o)


I can't wait until I can have that feeling. It's going to be fun. I think I will be more like #14 though because I can't help getting overly excited.


Wow, the guy from the 11 languages.. Found myself a new hero! Thanks for sharing, fun to read :)


Hmm, how about Kató Lomb? She was not only conversational in a lot of languages but worked as a professional translator and interpreter in 16 of them :) She wrote a book (something with 'Polyglot' in the title) on her method of learning languages that she made available for free on the internet. I don't know whether it still is accesible, though.


Search in youtube: "Thinkr polyglot speaks 20 languages" you'll find another hero, and he's only 18 years old I think


Haha, #11 and #12 really got me. I also give that "Yeah, I know, right...?" whenever people compliment me on my language command. :P

Thanks for sharing!


This is sooo funny!!!! Love it. :D


Great find! That gave me a good laugh! I absolutely do get giddy when hearing people talk in a language I'm learning. "Someday I'll be, a part of your world~~"


Brilliant! #11 to #16 are certainly most relatable :) I'd never forget the feeling of elation I got when on my first trip to germany, the officer at the airport asked "Sie leben hier?" and I answered "Nein" feeling like "Wow, this is easy. I am the king, kiss my ring!", quickly followed by the feeling of deflation when the other officer wanting to check my bags, unleased german in all its grammatical glory on me. Didn't get a single word! It's been two years since then and I still get that feeling of deflation often.


Haha, that is what I am most worried about is the grammar. I'm not even that good at English grammar which is my native language... maybe it will mean I am just meant to speak German it will just make so much more sense to me.


So true... I can definitely relate! ;D


I haven't got to that point yet, but I WILL! :-D

(My hands automatically wrote habe instead of have)


That was hilarious! One day I'm gonna go to Germany with my friends who can't speak German, and I'll be all translating, and what not, and they'll be like "Oh my God, you know that language?!" And I'll just shrug, and be like, "Yup".


#15 did it for me! Thanks for sharing


I loved #15 also! Took me back to my first visit to France (longer ago that I care to reveal). ;)

Who is that in the animated .gif? Looks like Sherlock/ Robert Downey Jr. to me. If so, I might rethink the question. ;)

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Thanks for sharing! I don't get that excited, but I do eavesdrop when I hear someone speaking a language I know :P Just for practice, I swear!

As an Italian, I also had a couple of "facepalm" moments: like trying to speak German with a waitress in Munich only to learn that she was from Naples.


I do that as well! :D With no side intensions, of course. Practice is all I want. :)

To the facepalm moments: That happens quite easily! :) When I visited the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, I was addressed by a foreign tourist whether I could speak German. I could but it was quite funny to find out that she was from Slovakia and I from the Czech republic, and thus there was no need to communicate in German. [Czechs and Slovaks understand each other very well since it was not until 1993 that Czechoslovakia split up into the Czech republic and Slovakia.]

*Dear English (native) speakers, feel free to correct my mistakes if there are any. :)


You don't need to worry about your English mate. It doesn't sound 100% natural, but its perfectly understandable. Your phrase for the day: "Ulterior Motive" http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ulterior_motive (which is actually from French/Latin...)


Thank you. :) Usually, I am not worried that I would not be understood; I am just a perfectionist, you know. ;)

to the phrase for the day: I had a hunch that natives would say that differently. Once again, thank you, this time for useful information. :)


I think your English sounds perfectly fine.


I think what I really want is 13's feeling. Hehehe, they won't know I understand but I do.

I feel like I'm learning at a snail's pace because I have to redo lessons several times before I can remember them. I know there's a few lessons now that I have gone through countless times and I still fail them :-/. I'm committed though! I'm trying really hard to learn and I'll eventually get it.


I think the key is to learn the basic structures of the language in Doulingo and then start consuming real cultural objects. Listen to real songs, read articles, watch subtitled movies and participate in every forum or chat room you can find (online gaming is great for this). That's how I learned english (except for the Duolingo part, it wasn't around at that time).


I totally agree. I play minecraft on a Spanish server, and it helps me a lot. I've also been watching some movies as well. And, obviously, it doesn't seem like work, it's just fun!


Absolutely, it's an exceptionally fun way to learn.


I was having a lot of trouble keeping it my memory to but the practice section really helped me. The timing makes me rush and not think to much about it and after a few failed attempts it starts to become second nature. If you haven't been doing this I would suggest it.


Loved it all, had a really good laugh! Also, someone please give that man a medal. My goal is 4-5 languages, but 11 is another level of excellence!


Best part 11 - 12 :D


This was very interesting to read, thanks for sharing! Estoy enamorada de Alex Rawlings. :-)


That's a really funny article :).

I didn't exactly study languages at university, yet I can still relate to 90% of those :D. And omg, all those keyboard shortcuts for German and French... Well, at least I have them available on my keyboard :).

PS: Those swear words... :P


wow thats really funny thank you for sharing you guys are fun to listen to


hahahahha!!! that is soooooo true. I know coz I've done it exept for the talking part.


Hahah, genial :)

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