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"Hvordan var vejret hos jer i dag?"

Translation:How was the weather by you today?

March 12, 2015



'The weather by you' isn't the same thing as 'the weather over where you live'. I'd still prefer 'how was the weather with you', but this sentence makes the biggest nonsense in English.


What does it mean? Is it one weather-god asking another after a daily shift of manufacturing weather?


It's just "How was the weather at your (plural) place today?". Your basic Danish attempt at talking to acquaintances you haven't seen for a long time...which never works well because Denmark is so small that the weather is pretty much the same all over the country. Also, the most common response will be "a little rainy".


Thanks for the answer.

First thing: is it a common phrasing in Danish? The English sentence seems very strange (your explanation sounds much better).

Nonsense: I don't think it's so small. Plus from my experience the weather changes every fifteen minutes so the question stays current.


Yes, "hos dig/jer" is very common! It does literally mean "by you", but the general meaning is "at your place/house/where you reside at this moment". In relation to this, "Jeg er hos min ven" means "I am at my friend's place".


Is house an accurate translation for hos in this sentence?


The correction I was given How was the weather at you today is wrong. I would never use "at you". Instead say something like "at your place".


all said before. Definitely not 'at you' but 'with you' acceptable 'where you are ' better.

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