"Excuse me."

Translation:Com licença.

August 27, 2013



Does this translate literally as 'with permission'?


Is "Desculpe" wrong?


Is some senses since desculpe = I'm sorry


What's the difference between desculpe and desculpa?


The first is formal and the second informal.


If you bump into someone, can't you say "desculpe"? You can say "excuse me" in that case


No, you can't. In Portuguese desculpe and licença have very different significations. Desculpe is sorry and com licença excuse me.


It depends on the situation...

If you bump into someone, you'll probably say "Desculpe", Me desculpe, "Desculpe-me"

However, if you need someone to move or to go to a place, you can say both.

Desculpa/Com licença, Você pode ir no meu quarto e pegar meu shorts?=Excuse me, Can you go to my room and pick up/get my shorts?

Com licença/Desculpe, vim dizer que você fica linda nesse vestido=Excuse me, I come here to say that you look beautiful in that/this dress.

Desculpe/Com licença, você fala inglês?=Excuse me, do you speak English?

(Observation, This is just my experience, other people may use it different from mine) :) any mistakes, you can blame my keyboard....

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