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  5. "Eu não posso viver sem água."

"Eu não posso viver sem água."

Translation:I cannot live without water.

August 27, 2013



What's the difference between "morar" and "viver"?


They mean the same... viver also means "to keep" or continue the same way. Ele vive triste = he is always sad. A torneira vive pingando = the tap keeps leaking.


Is it correct to think of using "morar" in the physical location sense, such as "I live in an apartment", and using "viver" in a physical location or state sense, such as "I live in an apartment" or "I live in perpetual anguish"?


Yes. That's a good thought. I added some other points above.


In this case, "live" would be similar to "survive." This phrase also reminds me of a song by the Mexican pop band Maná (Vivir sin Aire). Look it up.

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