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"O festival não tem estrutura."

Translation:The festival has no structure.

August 27, 2013



And again, why is this sentence household? There are at least 100 other more important words to do with household.


What kind of structure does "a estrutura" refer to? Could "The festival is not structured" work, or does it mean an actual building in which the festival takes place?


The first option..."it is not structured".


Hm, Duo marked it wrong. Wish I'd reported it, then.


I did it right now


the festival is not structured Can you point out What is wrong with it PLEASE?


I used the word 'party' instead of 'festival,' and was marked as incorrect. I thought it is mostly interchangeable when translating into English. Am I misunderstanding?


I got a fail for 'the festival lacks stucture' i don't understand why that is wrong


But you must realize you could say it in a multitude of ways, right? You cannot expect DuoLingo to hold every single interpretation. For instance, I would not be mad if if DL marked "the festival has a dearth of structure" as incorrect.

[deactivated user]

    'The festival lacks structure' is a much more natural translation in english and should definitely be accepted.


    Does the fact that something doesn't have a structure imply that it lacks such a structure? I think those are two very different statements.


    Could you have "the party has no structure?"


    I wrote "There is no structure in the festival" and it was marked as wrong - isn't is the same as when you say "Tem uma formiga no prato", which can be translated into "There is an ant on the plate"?


    [17/05/15] Look at these examples:

    • There is no structure in the festival = Não tem estrutura no festival.

    There is/are = "Ter, Haver, Existir" in the sense of exist something.

    • The festival has no structure/ The festival doesn't have structure = O festival não tem estrutura.

    Have/Has = "Ter, Possuir" in the sense of own something.


    can "estrutura" be translated as "theme"?


    No. Tema would probably be used in this case.


    The festival does not have a structure should be correct too!

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