"They drink the tea."

Translation:De dricker teet.

March 12, 2015

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Is "de" pronounced more closely to "dom" or "don"?


It’s easier to always go with dom and you can’t go wrong as a learner.


Yes, but I would still like to note that there are exceptions instead of teaching something that's actually not always true.


I've listened to a couple of speeches from Svenska akademiens högtidssammankomst where the members actually say dom even when reading texts aloud, so I think this formal pronunciation de is pretty rare. More important then would be to point out that in some dialects, de is pronounced di instead, but I'm not good enough at dialects to know exactly where this happens.


I thought you were good at everything Arunautoi!


@Arnauti Yes, I think it is pronounced [de~di] in Östgötska. live in live Östergötland and I’m pretty sure my father, you also in from Östergötland, has pronounced de as [de] or [di] a couple of times. I think it was pronounced that way in the late 19th century, around the time when the Christmas Song Tomtarnas julnatt’ (‘Mittnatt råder’) was written


Is pronouncing "De" as "Dom" correct everywhere..? The Swedish classes in Finland always (to the ones I've been to) teach people to pronounce it as "De"... Is "Dom" slang or how people usually use the word, I'm confused...


Yes, it's always correct in Sweden Swedish. In Finland, the distinction between de and dem is made in speech more often. They tend to say de as di instead. However pronouncing both de and dem as dom is getting more common in Finland too.

I want to add that saying both de and dem as dom is absolutely not slang in Swedish. It is a very old phenomenon. Basically the only people who pronounce de as de in Swedish are people who are reading aloud but don't have a lot of experience in doing that. As I wrote in an earlier post in this thread, the members of the Swedish Academy say dom even when reading formal texts aloud.


I always mix up De and Det


Why is de pronounced Dom? Is the de sound always pronounced this way in Swedish, even when incorporated into other words?


Just the way it is, I suppose. It's just the pronoun de/dem that's spelled this way but pronounced dom.


Do you have to pronounce de, dom? I say de, but I would like to know the formal way to pronounce things.


Yes. Both "de" and "dem" are always pronounced "dom".


What's the difference between "dricker" and "drycker"?


dricker is the verb as in 'I drink, he drinks' but drycker is the plural noun as in 'beverages'. (en dryck in the singular).


why is "The Tea" not "Teen"? as in mannen or other words?


te is an ett-word, so it follows a different pattern.

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