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Learning Swedish is helping me understand things from my childhood

My mother and her family all come from Brooklyn, NY. And they in turn come from Sweden and Norway. It's so cool to learn that the words I used for my grandparents (Mormor and Morfar), all this time, have been Swedish words all along, and I had no idea.

March 13, 2015



Another great benefit of language learning...when it helps you to connect to your own roots! I had a similar (kind of) experience...my mom, who is a native Spanish speaker, always called me "mija" when I was a little girl (and still does) and I never had any idea what it really meant..I took it for a term of affection of some sort.....later I learned it was a shortened version of "mi hija" which means "my daughter". ;) Darn it, my mom should have taught me Spanish when I was young!


Awesome! Very happy for you! These things are great to read !! :)


Yes, that is wonderful. <3

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