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Swedish series?

Hello there,

As I'm trying to improve my swedish, I am now looking for a swedish TV show or series.

Regarding the difficulty I'm looking for something targeted at age 10-14 (I'm not really into Dora the explorer type of things).

Of course I'll have to be able to access it from here (the Netherlands), so a (download) link would be great!



March 13, 2015



I just know one, and i love it, but there has been only 2 seasons, and there's a possibility that they won't do more, no news for several months. :c

But it worth it to see the two seasons, it's called Äkta människor (Real Humans). It's not a download link, because you have two choices, buying it or downloading it freely, if you know what I mean :3


Nice forum name haha!


Hell yeah dude :D thx


i start watching Äkta människor yesterday and i understand a bit.


Cool, do you have any other experience with Swedish apart from Duolingo? As you're lvl 9 and I'm lvl 12, I would say I can do it too haha ;)


To be honest all Swedish children's programs are so psychedelic you're as well if not better off with grown up films :D However, Astrid Lindgren's film adaptations are old but gold. She's also a national hero in Sweden, so it would also be a bit of a culture shower.

Pippi Långstromp (Pippi Longstocking): http://www.svt.se/barnkanalen/barnplay/pippi-langstrump (Sweden's national tv's online player)

Ronja Rövardotter (Ronja the robber's daughter): https://kickass.to/ronja-rovardotter-1984-swedish-swesub-dvdrip-xvid-ac3-devil-t7866090.html (Torrent)

Emil i Lönneberga (Emil from Lönneberga): http://www.torrentreactor.net/torrents/23567604/Emil-i-Lonneberga-SWEDISH-FULL-DVDr (Torrent)

Hoppas du ska finna något intressant! I hope you'll find something interesting! :)


The last link has no seeders :c , you are the uploader ?

Thanks for the rest tho, it seems to be good stuff :)


It did have two when I linked it! And no I'm not, I'm just exploiting others' generosity xD

I tried to find another one but failed.. This ten minute youtube clip seemed good tho :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_udGkWjO9Eo


That makes two of us xD

Anyway, I found another link :D


There are tons of shows on svtplay.se, including kids' shows (unfortunately some programs have location restrictions but there's still stuff to watch).


It might be a bit kiddish for you, but I absolutely LOVE Labyrint (possibly spelt wrong) on on sv.tv

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Pippi is the best! I hope you don't think it is too childish :) You can watch the whole series for free from anywhere in the world and it's available for 15 more days from today http://www.svtplay.se/pippi-langstrump Turn on the Swedish subtitiles too if that helps.


the classics Dårfinkar och Dönickar Ebba och Didrik

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