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Microphone worked the first time.. then stopped

The first time I was prompted to use the microphone I clicked allow and it worked - I guess I didn't check "remember settings" so it asked me again - that time I clicked "remember settings" and allow - but the microphone didn't seem to be detected... now I have no obvious way to reset/retest the microphone.

May 11, 2012



You could try deleting cookies in your browser. By the way, Duolingo's voice detection crashes sometimes, maybe it fixes by itself. I hope this helps.


do you end up figuring this out? I have the same problem, i bought a mic specifically for this site and now i find its not detecting it for some reason. Other browsers are the same.


Click on your name on the upper right corner, then settings, then turn on the microphone.


oh yeah, i fixed it, someone fixed it for me, it fixed itself or everything above. i had no history and cookie deletion on browser-closing. so, there weren't many cookies or cache or w/e to manually remove. i changed browsers from ff to chrome and back. and figured it out. for me, the solution was easy, in the end, i just needed to deactivate the flashblock plugin. after that there are some hick-ups, as alsena mentioned, voice detection failure on the server side, but bearable - at least for me. by the way, i tried to allow duolingo propperly in flashblock, but it didnt work. what ever i tried, it just didn't accept duolingo.com...

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