"Happiness comes, happiness goes"

Translation:Lyckan kommer, lyckan går

March 13, 2015

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I know this! :D

Gud som haver barnen kär

Se till mig som liten är

Vart jag mig i världen vänder

Står min lycka i Guds händer

Lyckan kommer, lyckan går

Den Gud älskar, lyckan får


Can someone please translate the last line to English? I have always wondered whether it is about who loves God, or who is loved by God.


Very literally: "the one God loves, receives the happiness"

It can be interpreted either way but "loved by God" is really the only realistic interpretation.

Edit: You might be interested in learning that the last line was originally du förbliver Fader vår, i.e. "you remain our Father".


Yay! I'm so relieved to know for sure what this means! Thank you!

Also, I give myself a little pat on the back after finding out that it CAN be interpreted either way - so my confusion wasn't only about my ignorance. ;)

And yes, I am very interested in the original last line. I like that one even better than the later one.

Thank you, Penguin! This was fun for me! Thank you for taking the time and effort!


I've got a wall hanging with this prayer on it that I inherited from my Swedish grandmother hanging in my kitchen - thanks to Duo, I can translate most if not all of it.


Why is both lycka and lyckan accepted? Isn't there a difference?


There is, but this is an proverb where definite is preferred in Swedish but either way works in translation.


I think there is a swedish children song that contains that


It's a prayer, not a song, but yes - it's called Gud, som haver barnen kär. Edit: That said, it's been made into a psalm as well so you're not wrong. :)


So, is "lycka" both "luck" and "happiness"? And what about "tur/otur"? Are" lycka " and" tur" interchangeable?


No, "luck" is tur, not lycka.


So, to sum it up, "tor/otur" is "fortune /misfortune", as in "otursnummer", whereas "lycka" is "happiness". The english translation of "lycka till" as "good luck" misled me somewhat. Is it literally "fortune to (you)" ?

last question: does "olycka" mean "accident"?

tack igen!


Tur/otur: Yes, it seems you've got it right. :)

Lycka till: Very literally, yes, I suppose so.

Olycka: Yes, it means accident.



good.. but I was wrong... I meant "happiness to (you)" as the literal translation of lycka till... it's that damn closeness between "luck" and "lycka" that keeps shrinking my mind...



sand överallt reference :) my favorite song https://youtu.be/-YYxygnz_6U


It's a nice song, but the phrase is from a prayer much, much older than that.

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