"Hon sjunger i badrummet."

Translation:She is singing in the bathroom.

March 13, 2015

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I swear I'll never learn that this doesn't mean bedroom.


At least you don't think it's "a bad room". (An American friend of mine was very amused by the signs along the roads here saying Bad Camping).


I am just curious about the word badrum. Could this sentence mean also "She is singing on the toilet"? I have read in other discussion here that badrum is equal to toilet in swedish ... It was in context of asking for location of a toilet, but does it work also this way?


What do you mean by 'on the toilet', like sitting on the toilet (toilet as in that porcelain thing?) That would be på toalettstolen or in ordinary speech, på toastolen.
badrum is only 'toilet' as in 'the room where the toilet (the "porcelain throne") is' but toalett is both kinds of toilet. And toastol or toalettstol is only the porcelain thingy.
(of course badrum can also refer to a 'bathroom' with a bath and/or shower but no toilet).


Thanks for the reply. Exactly, I meant "singing while sitting on the throne". I understood you refer to go to use the toilet when you ask for bathroom. Therefore it could mean both - she is singing in a bathtube or she is singing while using toilet, right?


The sentence means that she sings in a room that contains either a toilet or a bathtub/shower, or both.

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    Can this sentence refer to an event that occurs usually, like saying that 'she sings in the bathroom' most of the time? Or does it refer to a one time event?


    It could be either. :) But without context, it does sound like a one-off thing.

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