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  5. "I will lose my voice soon."

"I will lose my voice soon."

Translation:Jag tappar snart rösten.

March 13, 2015



The reason you can't say Jag ska tappa rösten snart instead is that ska always carries some kind of intention. If you say ska, you're also saying that somebody wants something to happen. If you say it in a sentence like Jag ska tappa rösten snart, without any other context, it must mean that you intend to lose your voice soon. (And even if you really wanted to say that, it still wouldn't translate the English sentence here).


Jag kommer att trappa min röst snart, why is not correct?


Because trappa means staircase, you need to say tappa.


I am convinced that this inspired the leg trapping staircase in Harry Potter!


What about 'Jag tappar rosten snart'?


Kan man använda "förlora" här?


No. It sounds strange to say it like that, as if you were purposely losing your voice permanently.


What about jag kommer att tappa rösten?


Är "kommer att" bra att använda? "Jag vill inte tappar rösten men kommer jag att tappar den om jag pratar för högt."


Would "Jag tappar min röst snart." also work? To me it sounds a bit dramatic to say: I (will) lose the voice soon. Is this common in Swedish? And if so, in what other cases would you use | pronoun I/me + verb + noun(article) | instead of | pronoun I/me + verb + possessive pronoun + noun(article)? |


It's an accepted answer, but yes, we do use the definite a lot when it's clear from context that we're talking about our own one. Use min here isn't wrong but it sounds somewhat unnatural to me (I mean, it's really, really obvious whose voice you're speaking about in this sentence, right?), so that would be more dramatic than just going with rösten. There's a thread about this phenomenon here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6014446


I see why "Jag tappar snart rösten" is better than the correction of "Jag tappar snart min röst". But "Jag tappar start min röst" isn't accepted. I would have thought that if "Jag tappar min röst snart" is accepted, then my answer should have also been accepted.

But I'm actually glad it wasn't accepted, because I still need reminding about using the definite form when its obviously our own.


Why not "tappa min röst strax"?


Strax is a shorter period of time than snart ("soon")


Okay, thank you. Would "tappar min röst snart" be accepted?


You can lose the voice (rösten) of something for example the radio or cell phone or at the election even? It doesn't automaticly imply to the persons own voice (min röst)? "Min röst" should be accepted.

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