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Recent and future updates?

I am writing an essay about Duolingo and how it works etc. I have unfortunately been away from Duolingo for a couple of months (I'm in holiday mode!) so was wondering what the newest changes to the site were, small and large, graphically and method-ly (though I don't mean language-specific).

I was also wondering what is currently in the pipeline for updates. The only thing I can find at the moment is that Duolingo is working on a way to get new languages implemented by users, and although I know that is a very big job, are there any other bits and bobs being done?

A quick other question (don't want to double post) : is there anywhere that I can find scientific research and information on how Duolingo works etc? I found the pdf on research of duolingo vs university study a while back, though the information was a little outdated (considering how quickly Duolingo tends to update!) ... I seem to have lost that pdf for the moment :/

Thanks everyone!

August 27, 2013

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Well I can name only a few changes:

-the AWESOME leaderboard -you can now see all your friends and followers (well for me because I have a lot of followers) -adding new lessons to most of the trees -more articles to translate -(I think one of the apps have become offline mode) -more discussions

But mainly Duolingo posts new things on their blog, Facebook account, and twitter.

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