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Thanks to this awesome program, I can actually use DL for one of my high school courses this year!

Duolingo is awesome, and I have learned so much in just these past two months, that I can count this as one of my high school courses. This is now my favorite part of school! I give many thanks to all of the staff. #DLrocks

August 27, 2013



Duolingo rocks it helped me alot this school year! I'm so happy I'm a member and learner of Duolingo!


Like your school is actually counting it as a class? :0 I am slightly confused about your post.


I'm actually homeschooled. My mom said that I can count it as a course. :)


ME TOO :D I'm homeschooled and my mom said the same thing!


I'm homeschooled through Connections Academy. Do you think that I can use this as a course?


thats really cool :D


Yeah gracias Duolingo! ;)


I'm dropping languages at school next year to keep my sciences, maths etc.. And thanks to duolingo I can keep studying languages in my own time.. Yay! - I have learned so much this year from duolingo I am now one of the top in my class xD - Thank you! #DLrocks


Wow. That's wonderful. Congrats


wow! that's awesome! I'm home schooled too:D i take an online spanish course so this is just practice for me but that is really awesome! i feel like i learn more here than i do in class . Keep up the good work:)


I wasn't understand german 3 months ago. Thank to this magnificent program, i know more thing about german.

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