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  5. "Yes, it is me."

"Yes, it is me."

Translation:Ja, det er mig.

March 13, 2015



"Mig" isn't even pronounced at all! More like a whisper or something... is it supposed to be that way?


No it isn't. In Danish "Dig" and "Mig" are pronounced like "Dai" and "Mai"


Why not den if gender is not specified?


This is a copy-paste from another thread but it might help.

Whose cat is it="hvis kat er det". Is it/that my cat= "er det min kat" It is my cat="det er min kat". It is a cat= "det er en kat".But why because "kat" is clearly an n-word, 'the cat="katten", and you have been taught to use n-words with n-words, and t-words with t-words. For ex. 'that car is mine'="den bil er min" or 'that watch is mine'="det ur er mit".

The way to think about it is this, in my 'cat' sentences above, the central subject was not the cat but 'it'-the unknown, and when that is the case 'it' always ,AFAIK, translates as "det". I say AFAIK because i cannot imagine a sentence where it would'nt.

Ex. you and a friend see something in the distance and have the following exchange. What is it="hvad er det. Is it a car="er det en bil. It looks like a car="det ligner en bil". It is definitely a car="det er helt sikkert en bil". That car is green="den bil er grøn". Even in the 'it is definitely a car' example 'it' still translates to "det" because the sentence is still about what exactly 'it' is.

There are cases where 'it' would translate as "den" but these are when what 'it' is, is not the central part of the sentence, but an n-word noun is. For ex. 'the film is good, have you seen it'="filmen er god, har du set den", or 'your car is beautiful but is it fast'="din bil er smuk men er den hurtig", or 'the food is as good as it is expensive'="maden er ligeså god som den er dyr".


Mange tak! :)


i think ja det er jeg is better for this sentence


Im very sure that would mean "Yes, it is I" which just sounds stupid to say to someone.


I got this after "Er det du"


I cane expecting "Det er mig, Mario", but I realise I'm not the only one getting worried from this point on.


Excellent explanation.

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