"Pojken sitter på stolen."

Translation:The boy is sitting on the chair.

March 13, 2015

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I just have a question about the listening thingy. When you chose to listen to the fast option, is that native speed or no?


The word stool seems to be a cognate, would this be an acceptable translation? Otherwise does stol refer only to backed chairs?


Yes, a stol is only a chair with a back. A seat without it is en pall.


Spot on in both cases. They are indeed derived from the same word, but a Swedish stol is always backed. The English "stool" is pall in Swedish, which amazingly seems to have remained unchanged for as long as we have written sources.

Edit: Ah, Zmrzlina beat me by maybe fifteen seconds... oh well. :)


Great, thanks for the clarification in both responses!

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