"Deswegen habe ich Durst."

Traducción:Por eso tengo sed.

March 13, 2015

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Darum = deswegen?

March 13, 2015


Warum~darum; Weswegen~deswegen; Weshalb~deshalb; ... Ellas tienen diferencias pequenas.

por qué = Warum !

March 15, 2015


But they are almost interchangeables?

March 15, 2015


Right almost like you say it. Your Spanish offers also more than one possibility for 'why', therefore I think we Germans can be a bit more penible with Spanish speakers than we will be with English speaking people.

The English speaking people have only 'why'. We Germans have 4: Warum, Wieso, Weshalb, Weswegen, .. Spanish has also more than 1 'why'.

You put two words together 'Por eso' that is like we do it ,too. We use wegen and dessen which makes together Deswegen.

March 16, 2015


Could you make an example where we can see the difference in meaning of the different ways to say "Why"? Danke schon!

October 27, 2015


I give you two links: http://blogs.transparent.com/german/wieso-weshalb-warum-%E2%80%93-why/

and there under the graphs are good examples and the user there explained why which word is used: http://german.stackexchange.com/questions/2077/warum-darum-weshalb-deshalb-weswegen-deswegen-is-there-a-difference-in

the word "wieso"

"wieso" is the question word for "why is it like it is?". You will hear it most often asked by children. Example: "Wieso ist der Himmel blau?" "Wieso haben alle Kinder Eltern?" "Wieso hat Tina keine Großeltern?" "Wieso ist die Nase mitten im Gesicht?" Sure you can also ask by "warum". "Warum" will bring you more often a more detailed answer.

In some regions of Germany you will hear all the 4 question words, in other regions it was said by a user (who I don't know) that where he/she lives is "warum" nearly always used.

October 27, 2015


podrias explicarme eso por favor?

October 30, 2018


podrías explicarme eso por favor??

October 30, 2018


Por eso tengo yo sed. No me la acepta :( (reportado)

April 19, 2017


Misma respuesta que tu y duolingo no me lo da como válido :(

October 8, 2017


Me aparece otra traducción si traduje igual cuál es la verdadera traducción

August 9, 2016


Sigo sin entender cuando Duolingo da "otra solución correcta", cuando repite EXACTAMENTE lo que uno escribe....

August 15, 2017


A causa de eso tengo sed, me parece mas que correcta

September 24, 2018
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