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Radio Plays by Gunter Eich

I studied German in the 1960s and a writer by the name of Gunter Eich wrote radio plays and I translated one called "Sabeth", short for Elizabeth", a story about a young girl encountering seven feet tall Ravens in the Black Forest that gradually became more and more human like until they disappeared into the "blinding darkness". Some of Gunter's plays dealt with the broken psyche of the German people after being defeated in the war and not knowing what to believe. I have searched for a collection of his plays that had that play included but I've not found it. Does anyone know what I could do to find it? My daughter recently learned German while finishing up her Ph.D. at UC Berkeley and I gave her a book that had a collection of Gunter Eich's plays but "Sabeth" was not in it.

3 years ago


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Hi, It is on Youtube: http://youtu.be/_Q-BJpLa7XE

I couldn't find a transcript of the play, but if anyone does please let me know!

Also, if you are interested in that topic you might also want to read Der Vorleser in German. I just read it recently and it was quite engaging. You can find it online freely available as well.

Oh, and my congratulations to your daughter! :)

3 years ago


The audiobook appears to be available for free. For example, from Amazon.de or Youtube (as per tnel1).

Getting a book containing it is a lot harder. I believe they are all out of print. However, they are available second-hand. Though I only found German stores.

The Wiki page may also be useful: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabeth

3 years ago