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Just started Irish!

Just started Irish! Now I have 2 courses to work on, and all at the same time(I haven't finished my french tree yet)!

March 13, 2015



Good luck! Just remember to keep at it, even though it'll get hard.


Well,I can already tell it's tricky!


I'm working on Irish as well. I would like to begin my German, but I'm worried about if learning two languages simultaneously will make both more difficult.


I'm learning Irish and I will start German when I get confident in Irish but I do know some German


Neat! I'm looking forward to breaking out of my English shell. :-)


Irish and German are so different from each other that you won't confuse these two languages, you may only learn slower ;)


Im learning Irish, French and German in school AND on Duolingo at the same time. Im actually finding it suprisingly easy to separate the three languages in my head! (I have been learning Irish for almost ten years ever since i was five so that doesnt come into play as much as the other two languages)


Of course the languages are different but I'm working so I want to do it one by one .. I speak fluent two foreign languages and very basic German .. that I will improve with Duolingo and I hope to learn Irish very well


You may not necessarily only confuse languages that are similar to each other. I confuse Arabic with Spanish sometimes ;)


Hm. Good to know! I'll give it a shot!


I started Irish because I was getting bored with French.


Have just started duolingo this week and I have no idea how it works.


You'll get used to it very soon.


So you just learn the lessons of the language you want to learn, and when you finish the tree you start a new one. If you want, you can even learn multiple languages at once!


By the way, Turkish and Irish can get confused; so don't learn them together.

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