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Timed Practice Missing?

I bought "timed practice" with my lingots a while ago, and at first it was working but now the button has disappeared. Somebody please tell me why I cant use timed practice anymore???

March 13, 2015



The timed practice is only available for skills that you have already completed. Can you open Basics 1 and see if you don't have this option?


The timed practice will be available when you want to strengthen a Skill that is already done. Enter any Skill you have finished => Click Strengthen Skill and then It will give you Practice with the timed or without the timed practice. Choose and begin.

Good luck :)


Thanks! That worked. (:

[deactivated user]

    I bought the Timed Practice quite a while ago and always used it because it rewarded me with double points. For some reason the Timed Practice button just disappeared, yet when I go to my treasure chest, it shows that I still have it. I even tried using it on the first lesson I finished a long time ago of Basic one but there is no Timed Practice button anymore. What should I do?

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