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How to change user on iPad?

My wife and I share an iPad. We both are working on the same languages. We can't seem to find a way to log out or switch the user for Duolingo on the iPad so that we can both use it. Anyone know how to do that?

March 14, 2015



Try to have each account on a different browser. What I mean is, your wife's account is on Google Chrome. And yours could be on Internet Explorer.


If you are using an app you will have to logoff and logon again with new username and password. But like AnisAPan says, if you using the web site you could use two different browsers.


I have the same question. I want my kids to share the app on our one iPad by taking turns, but I don't see how I can log one out so the other can log in. Is there a button I'm missing?


Go to profile. At the top left is a button for settings. Click that and at the bottom of the settings screen you can sign out.

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