Óró sé do bheatha abhaile

This is my daughter's favorite song, and I'm trying to understand the lyrics. I don't understand why "sé do bheatha abhaile" means "welcome home." As far as I can tell, it's "it your life home." Is there more that I can understand about it, or should I just accept it as idiomatic? Usually Irish phrases make sense to me after someone explains it to me.

4 years ago

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in this case is a contraction of is é, and Is é do bheatha abhaile is an idiomatic way of saying “(You are) welcome home”.

4 years ago

I have been wondering this for years and that's how I came upon your comment. I know that it's an idiom that means "welcome" or hail" (it's how you say, "Hail Mary," "Se do bheatha, a Mhuire...." But I have not met a single person who knows the charming story of why that phrase came to mean hail or welcome. If you find out let me know.

5 months ago
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