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'Strengthen Skills' Mechanics

Hej, Hi! I am currently learning Swedish, and this is the first time I've used this site. I gotta say over the few months it's been awesome. Anyways, one thing always stood out to me;

The 'Strengthen Skills' lesson(s) always seem to repeat 5-7 of the same phrases from a single 'block' in an entire 'lesson' , rather than words, sentences, and phrases from the entire lesson set and all of its 'blocks'.

So let's say a single block only had 'hej' 'nej' 'hej då' 'god natt' 'hallå' etc. And the other blocks have maybe a conjunction of 30 other words, sentences to learn. But, the strengthen skills only chooses those 7 words to repeat over and over, but none from the other blocks.

I think it would help people remember the entire lesson and all of it's blocks if it had stuff coming in from all the blocks in a single lesson. Of course repetitive learning is very effective, but the same seven or less things over the time of the lesson is a bit excessive. That, and learning/remembering more at once rather than spending an extra hour having to go through strengthening skill lessons over and over just to get diversity.

Sorry if this was confusing at all; I'm not sure if I was repetitive or got my actual point across.

March 14, 2015



I've noticed that. It can repeat the exact same phrase 4 or 5 times in EN-SV/ SV-EN, and written/spoken. Yes, the repetition is good - but the same phrase over and over?


This however was. Yes it gets kind of repetitive in the bad way. Repetition is a great tool for learning, with any skill, but repeating one thing over 8 times within a single lesson..?


I am not sure, but I think it tends to focus on words/phrases you may have got wrong in the past, rather than generating a random selection from the whole lesson. If there were only a few phrases that were weak, that could explain why it seems overly repetitive.


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