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I can't believe I can actually speak Swedish on Omegle!

Started from scratch 2 months ago, didn't realize that I can actually get this far! Of course I use some google translate for words I don't understand,but I just tried speaking on Omegle today and people actually thought I was Swedish!

(It was hard to find people that aren't kåt but well... what can you do)

Thank you Duolingo,I'm going to continue learning Swedish and even more languages in the future,you guys are awesome!

March 14, 2015



This website is creepy - more than 50% on that page ask - "m/w?" and then I say "m" and they disconnect xD


Most of the people on there are guys that want to talk to girls :/


Well done :) I have only just started :)


Hahahaha I thought I was the only one that did that! It's really awesome that I can have conversations in Swedish on Omegle


It's a website where you can talk to strangers around the world. Just google it and make sure to put "swedish" as your language, then you can find swedish people to talk to in order to improve your language.


So cool! Congrats :)


Lol I used to do this when I first started (a few months ago also) I wonder how i'll do now :^) congrats on your progress!


you found people who weren't Kåt As Heck?!! the farthest i got was getting some guys on snapchat that wouldnt immediately try and show me something.... personal you might come across someone who disconnects when you tell them youre not a native

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