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Language accesibility issue

Hello everybody! I'm Spanish and I'm learning Italian (for Spanish speakers) and also Dutch (for English speakers). The thing is that every time I want to practice one of these languages, I need to do this operation: Add a new course > I'm a English/Spanish speaker > Select the language > Switch to this course. I have to do this just in case I was studying Dutch and I want to switch to Italian (or viceversa).

I know is not a big problem, but is a bit annoying that languages don't accumulate in your profile in case they aren't done for the same root language. Also I can't see which levels I have in every language I'm practicing. I need to switch my 'root' language, and then I see the other two languages I have in the English side for example.

I don't know if Duolingo developers do this for a reason, or if this cannot be changed. But if you didn't have this in mind, it would be cool to have an homogeneous language list in your profile, no matter which root language has been each one made for, so you can easily switch from one course to another.

Thanks to Duolingo staff anyways, you're doing a great job!

March 14, 2015



Yes, true; and for symbols (like the ones against our name here), they could do it like in Immersion, both root & learning language flags.


You can send it as a suggestion to Support, with a link to this discussion.


There's a user script for that!

At least for the switching thing, I don't think there is one for seeing the level of all languages ^^


Would be cool if they do something about it : > just for ease that process


Indeed, but it's nice that a solution exists in the meantime ^^

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