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Finding articles that still have untranslated sentences.

I don't really understand the translation section. I am a new user so I'm sorry if I'm missing something or just really dense.

99.9% of the articles I click on have every sentence translated already. I selected the filter to just show articles that "need translating," and still most of them were fully translated. After clicking on dozens of articles I found a few sentences here and there that weren't done yet.

I have no idea what the little progress bar below each article is showing, but it doesn't seem to correspond with how many sentences still need to be translated. Is there any way we could see that information clearly?

I understand that it's important to check other people's translations, but I want to do some of my own, too! How can I do that?

Thanks for any help.

August 28, 2013



If you select the "need translating" box, you will see any article that has at least one untranslated sentence. It doesn't limit it to articles that are completely untranslated. If you also filter by "new", you'll probably see articles with a higher percentage of untranslated sentences.

To get a better idea of the state of the article, that's where the progress bar comes in. The percentage of white space is equivalent to the percentage of untranslated sentences. The light gray represents the percentage that is translated, but unchecked, and the dark gray represents the percentage that is both translated and checked.

Hope this helps!


go to the new part tab

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