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  5. If I was happy, I would sing


If I was happy, I would sing

How would you say this in Irish. I don't think it's má bhí mé sásta, chanfainn but I dont know what it actually is. Does anyone know how to say something like this?

March 14, 2015



If you use the conditional is one part, you have to use it in both.

Dá mbeadh mé sásta (dá mbeinn sa gCaighdeán), chanfeadh mé (chanfainn sa gCaighdeán).


go raibh maith agat


mbeinn, not mbeifinn


In English, did you use “was” to refer to some past time, or did you use “was” in place of the subjunctive “were”?


I'm assuming subjunctive based on his translation. Also, it's perfectly acceptable to use was, and probably is used in more dialects than not.


Yes, it is used in place of were


It wouldn't matter in any case, scilling, as the past subjunctive has the same form as the past habitual. It's not accepted in the course, I hasten to add, as I'm not sure to what extent it still exists in the various dialects.

The conditional seems to have replaced it, as the past tense has in English, an interesting contrast/commonality.

I do know that the past subjunctive rarely appears in print, much like its present equivalent. The old grammars are not very comprehensive, but the newer ones are practically silent, unfortunately.

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