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Learning methods and tips.

I wonder do you use methods and tricks that are helpfull to support your learning on Duolingo.

Eg. Do you write new words on paper ? Eg. Do you use Flashcards ? Eg. Do you repeat words on the train ?

What else to fasten your learning, what would you advice ?

March 14, 2015




A hot chocolate

and a doughut

from time to time

is very efficacious


Oh This is really cool I'll try that


Personally, I am focusing only on the tree now. I do not repeat words elsewhere, just practicing them here redoing them many times. But I like to write random sentences or small texts in order to translate them into French or Spanish any sentence I find I try to translate it.


Good answer. 1. Practicing online because the learned words are coming back. 2. Do you mean words and sentences from other sources like books and magazines ?


any sentence that I read or even Someone said something I try to translate. not in books. just Sentences come accidently.


I review computerized flashcards, read books, watch movies, and speak with others on italki.com. Duolingo is really just a minor supplement to those activities.

By the way, you want "speed up" instead of "fasten". Fastening is joining so as to hold in place. :)


You have a point. I doubt about it, long time ago we've used a schoolbook named "fasten your seatbells" and that means what you said, joining. Your remark is also learning. From now on I "speed up". Great answer. On a citrytrip to Barcelona or Madrid or other Spanish city I like to buy some books, not novels but non-fiction. Your flashcard system are they self-made or an exiting free Flashcard software ?


I wrote my own flashcard system. It's a boring console application, tailored to my personal whims, but it does the job.


If it does the job, nice. Perhaps I make something on my own in ms access.

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