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'Mais' vs 'Or', 'Puisque' vs 'Du fait que' and 'Car' vs 'Parce que'

When to use 'mais' and when 'or' in French? Same with: Puisque -- du fait que Car -- parce que

A little bit confusion if you ask me.

December 14, 2012

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Please give examples since it is probably a matter of nuance.

'Mais' and 'or' can be interchangeable in a number of cases (opposing one thing to another, or giving a restriction). To those, you may add: 'toutefois', 'en revanche', 'cependant', 'pourtant'...

"Du fait que", "car" and "parce que" all introduce an explanation, a reason-why. To those, you may add: 'dans la mesure où', 'du fait que'...

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