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Which is more commonly said: " Lei libros" or "Yo lei libros" for " I read" ? Is lebros phonetically pronounced ( lee- bro) in English ?Forgive inability to put long vowel sounds or accent marks in.

3 years ago

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Yo leo libros and leo libros both will translate to I read books. In Spanish, based on the verb conjugation, at times the pronouns become redundant. So in regular usage, they prefer to drop its usage and only use it when they want to stress the I.

3 years ago

remoonline is right, the pronoun is often added for emphasis.

"Yo" is also used to avoid confusion. In some tenses you haven't learned yet, the yo form and the él form are the same:

  • yo leía / él leía (imperfect)
  • yo leería / él leería (conditional)
  • yo lea / él lea (subjunctive)

In these forms, you often include the pronoun for clarification.

The other place "yo" is often used to avoid confusion: yo sé (I know). "Se" (without the accent) is used seven different ways in Spanish. When you're speaking, nobody can see the accent, so you generally include the "yo" for clarification.

3 years ago

Thanks so much for your help.... Everyone has been quite responsive and helpful

3 years ago
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