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How can Teachers follow their students' progress?

How can I best know and track my students progress as a teacher?

December 14, 2012



You can also click the 'Follow' button on your students profiles and it will tell you when they complete a lesson, complete a translation, when they practice. etc


How do I find their profiles? On facebook? I am not a current user of facebook and it is not accessible from our school computers, so I would prefer another way.


This site has nothing to do with facebook...

Just ask them what their username is on Duolingo (assuming they are your students you should actually see them face to face...) Then write it down. When you are on the Duolingo Website, Click the button at the top of the webpage "Follow people", Then click the "Search" Tab, and place their username in and press search. If they do not know their username, ask them for the email they used or get them to check before you see them again.


Take everyone is home URL and save it in a note in your computer. Then when you gonna check you take each URL and paste on your Browser. So going to their home to see their progress in an specific language of your choice.


When you say home URL, are you refering to their facebook page or their Duolingo homepage?


This site has nothing to do with Facebook pages. Get their Duolingo usernames.

For example: your username is "rproffit"

Your Duolingo account URL is http://duolingo.com/#/rproffit

Just exchange your username for theirs, then hit "follow" on their page.


Isn't there a limit to how many users you can follow? My students are finding that they can only follow 3 other users.


I don't know if there is one. But i follow much more people than three people.

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