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Hi ! I've recently started using DuoLingo again, after a very long time, and just a few days ago I managed to level up! I didn't really pay attention to this system prior, but this notification really piqued my interest since it seemed to take ages for me to level up in the past. Well, I searched it up on the forum and a chart was posted stating how much total XP was required for the next level. According to the chart, I should be at level 16, so I'm really wondering why I'm still at level 10! If it's important, I have tested out of the second and third checkpoints. Does anyone know what's going on? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

March 14, 2015

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The levels are based on the amount of XPs earned. For the exact amount, you can check the below Duolingo wiki link.

From your profile, I could see the below XP information.

French - Level 10
Next level: 467 XP
Total XP: 2533 XP

German - Level 1
Next level: 19 XP
Total XP: 41 XP

Spanish - Level 1
Next level: 34 XP
Total XP: 26 XP

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