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So, where did the unfollowing-button go?

I'm suprised there is no other topic about this yet (or maybe I overlooked it).

So, if you go in the followers/following-menus, this button is gone. Just gone. I don't get it.

March 14, 2015



A un-follow button? I never had that. It may be an A/B test and you somehow changed groups. You can un-follow by clicking on the button that says "Following".


Sorry, didn't know a better name... English is not my first language. Maybe I can make a screenshot?


I was never aware of such a button. If you visit the profile of a person, you should be able to unfollow them by clicking on the same option you used to follow them.


The button is still there on my list. Could be a glitch.


A glitch is were something doesn't work properly.

Let's say the "immersion" button didn't work, but the Duolingo team didn't do anything to it. That would be a glitch.


Well explained. :D

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