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"Nosotros sólo cocinamos en nuestra propia cocina."

Translation:We only cook in our own kitchen.

3 years ago



Can someone please explain the difference between "solo" and "sólo"?

2 years ago


sólo is an adverb meaning "only," "solely" or "just"--same as solamente. sólo and solamente can be used interchangeably.

On the other hand, solo without an accent mark is an adjective meaning "alone," "on one's own" or "sole." Solo describes a lone man or a masculine object--for example, un cafe solo is "a black coffee". For a woman, the adjective is sola."¿Estás sola?" is a simple, direct pick-up line.

Thus: Sólo quiero estar solo.

I only want to be alone.

10 months ago

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According to the Real Academia Español (RAE) , it is very clear that sólo is only ever used as an adverb.

solo/a is used as an adjective él está solo; ella está sola AND as an adverb (see below); just remember that the adverb solo (not accented) does not agree with other words in gender or person.

Sometimes, however, the function of solo becomes ambiguous when placed in a sentence where it can possibly modify both a noun and a verb.

The RAE gives this example: trabajo solo los domingos. Does this mean (adveb) "I only work on Sundays" or does it mean (adjective) "I work alone on Sundays"?

In the exercise sentence, I don't understand where the ambiguity would be found. "We alone" would be nosotros solos, so Nosotros solo cocinamos could only mean "We only cook", and the accented ó is unnecessary, though it makes the meaning clear despite the lack of ambiguity.

Bit then, the RAE is using solo los domingos as an example, and I'd think it would be solos los domingos as an adjective for "only on Sundays".

Bottom line is: no matter what the RAE says, use sólo for adverbs and solo for adjectives - but don't assume anything if there's no accent on the o.

3 months ago


If I take the words singly then I get it but when the entire sentence is spoken I get lost. Does this happen to others?

2 years ago


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