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Strengthening Skills won't gold even if perfect

It seems like others may have been having issues with strengthening skills lately too, but not sure about this particular problem.

I have lessons in my skill tree that have been stuck at 4/5 for a while now, and they will not go gold even if I practice them flawlessly. I gain XP from them, but no progress! On the plus side, they haven't been decreasing either, but ... it makes my skill tree look so ugly!

Has anyone else encountered this?

March 14, 2015



Learn how strengthening works in the discussions started by Greg Hullender : Best Way to Make Your Tree Turn Gold and Stay Gold and Does Duolingo Keep Two Sets of Books?.


Seems like an issue I have had for the first time just now. I am nearing the end of my Dutch tree, but for the first time, I have found a practice lesson didn't turn a skill back to gold. I raised this in another thread, and received a reply saying it's not a bug, but just happens sometimes that your practice lesson didn't cover enough of the words. Although that may be true, I find it strange I have been using Duolingo for so long without it ever happening before, so I do wonder if they have changed something.

I'm starting to get rather bored with having to refresh so many old lessons that I'm making very little progress with the new ones. Although the end of the tree is in sight, I'm feeling as if I will never get there, because skills lose strength faster than I can restore them.

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