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Crowdsourcing new languages?

I tried to search for this topic but failed, so please point me to existing discussions if this has been done.

Would it not be possible to crowdsource new language modules? It seems like a new duolingo module could bring a lot of kudos to a university language deparment or some PHD students or something.

It just seems to me that's the only way that some of the languages people want to learn are going to appear here - things like isiXhosa, or Hindi, or Turkish.

Quality controlled and led by the Duolingo team of course.

I just wondered if this was being considered, and whether their are barriers to doing so that I haven't thought about.

August 28, 2013



Being considered :) Keep posted for updates on this soon! We have a lot of exciting stuff happening this fall.


Great to hear! Looking forward to it. The only danger is that you end up trying to learn so many that you can't keep them straight :)



"Welcome to Duolingo! We'll be allowing community members to add languages soon, so this is very much a possibility :)"

Sounds like that's what you're talking about and seems like they're already working on it.


Ah perfect. Hopefully they'll have policies to maintain the high quality achieved so far. Plenty of volunteers, I'm sure, since this really is the best available introduction to new languages.

Some innovation may be required for teaching new alphabets necessary for learning many languages - with the added benefit of teaching the Roman alphabet to people coming to the existing courses from languages using other alphabets.

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