Text colour

I have a problem with text colour.

When you answer a question correctly, the bottom of the screen - the area that tells you if the answer is right or wrong - shows green text against a lighter green background. My problem is that if I have a typo, the green-on-green makes umlauts very difficult to see. I have to get my face up close to the computer screen to make it out. Likewise for incorrect answers, although red-on-red is not quite as bad.

Would it be possible to change (or have an option to change) the text colour? It's not a question of text size, but the lack of contrast between the two greens. Black text against a green (or red) background would be so much easier and would benefit people with less than perfect eyesight.

March 14, 2015


I've seen some use of extensions to make Duolingo have a different color scheme. This might be a good start.

Thanks, I wasn't aware that was available. I'll give it a try.

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