"The pain is terrible!"

Translation:Smärtan är hemsk!

March 14, 2015

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Is there any difference in meaning or usage between "smärta" and "ont"?


They do signify the same thing, but they work a bit differently. smärta is something you feel, whereas ont is something you have. smärta can also be a bit more formal, but I'd say that's a difference you hardly need to care about.


And in addition to that, ont can be used as an adverb ("det gör ont"), while smärta cannot.


Since we're already at it: I know the phrase jag har ont i (insert any body part). Is it also correct to say Jag har smärta i ... ?


It's correct to say that, but it sounds better to rather say that you have "ont i". If you want to use "smärta" you kan say "Vilken smärta!" (literally "What a pain!") and you can make that longer to "Vilken smärta jag har i ..." ("What a pain I have in the ...") but it's way more common to just say "Vad ont jag har i ..." ("Such pain I have in the ...").


Why värken not accepted here?


värk means ache, rather than pain.


Hah, wrote "Smärtan är olidlig" ("olidlig" = "unbearable"), but it didn't work, damn me for thinking more of what I would say in this situation than what the literal translation is x)


So how could you say this with "ont", instead of "smärta"?


"Ont" is more like "hurt" than "pain". You would have to change the sentence to something like "Det gör hemskt ont" ("It hurts terribly") if you want to use "ont".

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