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Next level?

I have no clue how many XPs I need to get for getting to the next level.. I was able to see this a few months ago, but now I can only check my daily progress. I am really unhappy about this! I am working with chrome on a mac book pro. Does someone have tips??

March 14, 2015



If you go to Your Profile, under Achievements on the right hand side, you will see how many XPs you need to reach the next level and how many XPs you currently have.


That's an A/B test. Some users don't have that.


Yup, they removed the XP count. There are two ways to see it: Get it back through a userscript or a clickable link or something similar which let's you temporarily see it. I can't seem to find that one right now.


Thanks I will have a look!


On your profile I see

Swedish - Level 15

Next level: 646 XP

Total XP: 8354 XP

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