"Får jeg nogensinde en mand?"

Translation:Will I ever get a husband?

March 14, 2015

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I just can't seem to remember what "nogensinde" means. Can someone break down what that word means literally to help me remember? "nogen" is "someone"..?


I'm not sure but I think:

Nogen = any Sinde = old word for "time", today it would be "gange", it still appears in the long form of numbers like tresindstyve (three times twenty)


Wow, that is really helpful. I also wondered what the long form of the numbers means broken down, and you just answered both of these questions. Thanks a lot! :)


It means "ever", often (but certainly not only) used after "aldrig" i.e. "aldrig nogensinde" to for example, emphasize that something has "never ever" been done before


Can't it be "a man"? I thought it was only definitely husband if you say "min mand" or "din mand" etc otherwise it could be either.


What would you want to get a man for? Whenever you talk of ownership of "en mand", it's assumed you talk about a husband.


Why is "will I ever find a husband" not accepted?

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