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Learn two languages from two different languages at the same time?

This is, I'm spanish, but I set duolingo in english to learn swedish, as I thought it'd be easier as neither of those is a romance language. But at the same time, I wanted to practice my long lost french skills, and I'd like to learn them from spanish (both romance language, so kinda similar). I could change the default language, I guess, but here's the question: Couldn't I subscribe to duolingo in English and in Spanish, so I can learn Swedish from English and French from Spanish? Or just the last, learn French from Spanish even if I still have duolingo in English? Please, the roots are a big issue when it comes to languages and learning them.

March 14, 2015



Genius Idea. French and Spanish are very similar, and also on the other hand learn a language from another one that you already know It would be more interesting. Perfect.


Oh my goodness, just thinking about what you are trying to do is making me feel dizzy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its bad enough trying to reverse tree and thinking that I may forever get stuck the wrong way round......


I do actually learn Swedish from English and (outside of duolingo) I'm learning also Finnish. Since it's not even close either to my native slavic language or germanic one I'm learning it from both. I also occasionally do German from English ;). I think your idea seems to be quite obvious then, based at least on my own experience - it's only a bit annoying when switching between the language versions of the site, but come on, it's not such a problem after all :) Good luck with learning!


I'm learning Spanish from English, and then to practice my Spanish (and half-forgotten high school French) I'm doing French from Spanish. It's annoying to switch between them, and confusing me as my Spanish isn't brilliant yet, but it's definitely a possibility.

I'm also started Swedish for a bit of fun, to take a break... just randomly picked a language... and it's so much easier to switch between Spanish and Swedish as they're both from English.


I know it is a possibility, but it's a little annoying to switch every time you want to practise the other language. I wrote about it merely for comfort, and I don't think it'd be so difdicult to make (though I might be wrong).


It's interesting that you regard Spanish as from English. I tend to lump Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French together?


Great! I also had this problem, because is so annoying to switch between your root languages everytime. And your languages you're learning are like split up! here's my post https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7537640


It's super annoying... For now I stay with English-French, as I'm remembering what I once knew, rather than learning from 0, but in the future, it'd be nice. It can't be that hard to set up, right? And it's a shame, I can't complain on anything else right now (I'm so excited I'm finally learning swedish!!) You explained the situation better, though :)


I’m not sure about Swedish but if you can that would be a good idea because English, Spanish AND French have Latin origins and roots.

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