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  5. "Eu preciso disso até amanhã."

"Eu preciso disso até amanhã."

Translation:I need that by tomorrow.

August 28, 2013



"I need that until tomorrow" should be a valid answer


It's one of the most common mistakes I hear by native PT speakers.

"Até" and "Until" are not interchangeable. In this case "até" means "by" or "before" - the latter probably being easier for you native speakers to remember


That's what I wrote too. Which seems correct according to the individual word meanings.


Both are correct. Problem reported.


DL's translation is the only valid one. "By" and "until" are not interchangeable.

• I need that by tomorrow. (deadline for completion is tomorrow and no later.)

• I don't need that until tomorrow. (present situation continues up until tomorrow)


I wrote "I need this until tomorrow." which was correct, and "I need that by tomorrow" was given as an alternate correct answer. The sentences have fairly different meanings. How would one know which one a speaker means?


I agree .Could someone respond please?


How do we say:

"I need this until tomorrow".

"I need this by tomorrow".

"I need this, even tomorrow".

"I need this for tomorrow".



  • "I need this until tomorrow". Preciso disso até amanhã

  • "I need this by tomorrow". Preciso disso até amanhã

  • "I need this, even tomorrow". Preciso disso, mesmo que seja amanhã

  • "I need this for tomorrow". Preciso disso para amanhã


I need this until tomorrow means that you have IT in your possession and you need to keep it UNTIL tomorrow. I think ate serves this translation

I need this by tomorrow means that you don't have it in your possession and you need to have it in your possession by(at the latest) tomorrow. If you get it before tomorrow that would be even better. I think just saying preciso disso (no later than tomorrow- don't know how to translate that, so HELPPP lol) conveys that same thought. This is the only one I'm confused on how to translate given your above translations. By and until have two completely different meaning here.

I need this even tomorrow to me means that you have it and you will need it even tomorrow. so you can't let someone have it because you'll need it tomorrow too. I think your translation for that sounds like that's same meaning in Portuguese.

I need this for tomorrow means that you need it specifically for tomorrow. You will need to use it tomorrow. It may or may not be in your possession currently and the person may be asking you when do you need that? and you respond I need this for tomorrow. Para amanha fits I think.


Even though "by" and "until" have different meanings in English, "até" covers both meanings in Portuguese. You get it by the context.

  • Preciso disso, mesmo que seja amanhã = I need this, even if it will be ready tomorrow.
  • Preciso disso, inclusive amanhã = I have it and I will need it even tomorrow


It's interesting that in Portuguese "until" and "by" can be translated the same way! If the person is angry, you know it is "by" =)


It's a deadline for sure. He may be feeling a lot of pressure.

• I need the report by tomorrow and not later!

• Continue working on it. You have until tomorrow to finish it.


Até com tempo é "until"? By é "antes de"? In my dictionary by is not given as a meaning for "até"


I just want to point out that the help text does not mention this use of "até": "Até: Main meanings: (up) to (some point) - either time or distance Eu vou até o mercado = I go (up) to the market Você tem até três tentativas = You have up to three attempts Until: Ele fica até as seis = He stays until six Even (intensifying): Ate tu, Brutus? = Even you, Brutus?"


Isn't this also 'I need this before tomorrow'?


It has a different meaning.


"I need this by tomorrow" should be the correct answer. In Brazil, "isso" and "isto" mean "this" and "that" when there is not a specific subject involved. In order to say “that" you would say "aquiloc when there is not a specific subject involved

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