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Billy La Bufanda!

Ok I'm sure most people who have taken Spanish classes have seen this at one point or another, but Billy La Bufanda is one of the gems I have discovered while learning Spanish. Seriously, if you are studying Spanish, watch it. You won't be disappointed!


March 14, 2015



Poor Billy! Life can be so cruel! ;) Thanks for teaching me the word for scarf! I think I never heard it because I come from a warm climate. :) Left boot and right boot remind me a little of those Superbowl sharks! ;) Gracias!


You're very welcome! Let's trend #leftboot lol


nooooo! i have watched that song a million times in class and if i see it one more time i will explode!!!!!!!!! (BOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!)


I did a little cry-laugh. That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


It was easier to understand, also had English subtitles, and the jazz music with the trumpet was enjoyable.


Have you seen any other songs by Señor Wooly? Here's a few if you're curious:

I wish I could give you more, but you'll have to buy a subscription on his website.

<h1>Have a nice day! :)</h1>




Ok so I just watched this today in my Spanish class and when it got to the part where he says " very delicious boots" my class went into hysterics while me and my friends kinda looked at each other with concern for what we had just heard. i don't think that last part is appropriate for any child under 13

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