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"Do you agree?"

Terjemahan:Apakah kamu setuju?

March 14, 2015

8 Komentar


Apa kamu setuju?


Why it's downvote, please explain the grammar.


It should be a correct answer too.

A sentence can be marked as a question by the use of particle -kah.
It is always optional and is largely confined to writing and formal speech.


Thank you! Some people downvotes without letting comments. And thank you for having re-upvoted this comment. When they get bad votes, we have the impression they are wrong!


I have one more question. Is "Apakah yang dia baca" correct? Duolingo doesn't accept "Apakah yang..."


apa dan apakah itu artinya sama, tolong jangan asal menyalahkan


Kamu setuju pun cukup harusnya asal disertai dengan intonasi yang benar.

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