"The judge wants to speak to the lawyer."

Translation:Domaren vill tala med advokaten.

March 14, 2015

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Its confusing here to write the english with "to" should be "with"


... tala till(to) advokaten was marked wrong. But med( with) should be the correct answer. What?


There's a bigger difference between tala till and tala med in Swedish than between talk to vs speak with in English. …tala till advokaten would in effect mean make a speech to the lawyer.


so if a lawyer would talk to the jury_? he is not expecting answers, so it is a speech?


so why isnät the sentence using with in engish=?


I don't know if it was written like that on purpose, but it could teach you what I wrote – that med and till are much less interchangeable in Swedish here than they are in English.


Can you prata till advokaten in any sense?

[deactivated user]

    What is the difference between "tala" and e.g. "prata", except for things like "Jag talar svenska"? I basically only hear "prata", when it's used as in the example above.


    They mean the same except that tala is more formal sounding. Prata is more common, especially in spoken language. In writing tala is almost as common as prata.


    The same difference as with talk and speak in English, actually. :)


    I thought you can say "Jag pratar engelska" in Swedish? Because that's the main difference I can think of between "talk" and "speak" in English: you can't "talk" a language.


    I disagree. You can, colloquially, talk a language, but speak is preferred when referring to languages. The same goes for prata in Swedish; tala is preferred for languages.


    Tala VID advokaten? Låter det för alltför högtidligt?

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