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"Ska dina föräldrar också ha kalas?"

Translation:Are your parents also throwing a party?

March 14, 2015



Is there a difference between kalas and fest, or are they interchangeable?


kalas tends to be more food-centered and more likely to be for children, whereas fest tends to be more grownup and maybe more likely to involve dancing. Some combinations are used more often. födelsedagskalas 'birthday party' is more common than with -fest, kräftkalas 'crayfish party' is much more common than the version with -fest (although in this case, kräftskiva is the most established version). barnkalas 'children's party' is a set combination, and barnfest is rare. If I'd describe a 'samba party', I'd probably call it sambafest rather than sambakalas. But there's a lot of overlap.


Why there is no article in the Swedish sentence?


"Are you parents going to throw a party too?" Seems to me Duo is being a bit picky here. And if I rephrased it as "Are your parents going to be throwing a party too?" would it make a difference? Don't get me wrong, I love the site and appreciate all the work you do, but at times Duo can be pretty annoying. As can we learners, no doubt about that. :)


It's not the most elegant translation, but I think it could be acceptable. The next time you go through the lesson, please report it so that the course contributors can add it.


I wrote ‘will your parents’ and lost a heart for it. What gives?


Accepted answers with will at the moment are Will your parents also have/throw a party? Report other translations via the Report a problem -> My answer should be accepted button. Thank you for your help!


Would: "Should your parents also have a party?" also accepted?


No, that means "what is your opinion on your parents also having a party"


It kind of burns me up when Duo doesn't like my English!! What is wrong with my translation? "Are your parents throwing a party also?" What's the difference? Please tell me.


I wrote "Will your parents also have a party?" which seems ok to me. Why not?

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