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The lesson I did yesterday didn't count

Yesterday I did a lesson and got 10 points. Today, I thought the next lesson seemed like a repeat. Then I looked and saw it didn't count my lesson yesterday, which killed my 17 day streak. :(

I did the lesson on my PC. How did that happen?

March 15, 2015



Did you meet your target XP yesterday? If you target is over 10 then that is what caused you to loose your streak.


I have my target set at 10. It said I met my goal, but the next day there was nothing.


FWIW, the same thing is happening to me today. I mean, it has counted the 175 XP I have so far, but I -just- did the last 2 lessons for clothing in portuguese on my phone. 15 minutes later I get on the web and it says I still need to do them, I go back to my phone...and it -also- says I still need to do the last two.

I mean, I'm in no danger of losing my streak, and wouldn't worry at this point if I were...but still, it -is- a bit frustrating.


Thank you for that. :)

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