Should Duolingo have a 'trophy cabinet'? Or, in better terms, achievements?

I absolutely LOVE games. I've noticed a lot of my games have achievements, as in me completing a mission and earning a reward. Should Duolingo have the same?

Example: 'Complete a lesson without making one mistake.'

Reward: 2 lingots.

Ok, so I go about, trying to complete this goal, and when I do, I earn a little badge and the reward lingots! This is then displayed in a separate page, up for everyone to see.

Blink blink.... oh it's a dream. But let's make this reality! Duolingo is a really fun website, but sometimes I feel it's missing something. Let's make this that 'something'!

March 15, 2015


I've been wanting this feature. There should be an achievement for completing 12 Trees, "The Hyperpolyglot"

I wonder how many people will get that?

[deactivated user]

    Oooh! I want that one!

    I can see what you mean :)

    This has been suggested a bunch before, although not recently. I think it would be a good way mark certain achievements, for instance getting to a hundred day streak or completing a tree. You could even have them for immersion, like "Victor Hugo, translate five thousand sentences from French."

    Nice one. Why haven't I thought of that?

    Achievements would be a great addition to the gamification of Duo. I think that lingots are useless as rewards, since you can't really buy anything from the shop from them. What do I do with 200 lingots if all my slots of extra skills are full? Achievements, on the other hand, could add more motivation. Finishing a tree is too distant a goal if you're still in the middle of it, but smaller goals, like keeping up a streak or learning a skill without mistakes can make the journey seem shorter.

    Lingots have no value, but what more value is there in an 'achievement?'

    Different achievements that can be unlocked by different things, are more interesring to collect rather than a hoard of fictional gems. You can compare achievements to collecting stamps: quite useless as themselves, but fun to have one of each.

    I'm feeling bored, any ideas of achievements we can do?

    Maybe "fast learner", for learning ten new skills in five days?

    Now there's a good one!

    "Night owl", for getting 10 xp late in the evening?

    :P I'm hoothoot, aka Yuyangw03.

    Oh what a conceited miracle you are :) I have enough from the activity posts but probably your ones will help smb in learning language, what can be better?

    Like these ideas. The best feature of Duolingo is the gamification of Duolingo. How about some more creative gamifying of reviews or even better of percent mastery? I have discovered that reviews are not just reviews at least in Danish. They seem seek to consolidate and even extend learning. But those running through the tree have about as much incentive to do them as a race car driver has to stop to pick up trash along the track. Now some want to be race car drivers. May they zip along! But for those who want the strongest possible bridge to using a language outside Duolingo, how about some way of gamifying reviews beyond xp points or gamifying total mastery? Again, thanks all.

    If history means much, it seems that Duo has found greater success keeping users, and keeping users involved, by reducing 'gamification' rather than increasing it. Duo did a lot of testing before doing away with the hearts system, for example. Many of us here have long considered the 'gamey' aspects of Duo to be unnecessary. Not everyone thrives on, or needs, extrinsic motivation.

    You can't really compare the heart system and having achievements just because they're both related to 'gamification.' Heart system at times was painful if you were at or near the last question and lost. I know I feel that way still when I play on my phone and I lose mainly due to typing errors due to it being cold outside. Creating achievements give users short and long time goals to work towards. Some argue that to feel significant is pretty much a human need. And for many, simply being able to show off their accomplishments can fulfill that. It's why some people become so attached to their streak and become demotivated to continue if they lose it.

    Thanks for the wisdom. From my experience on teams I know you are right about different things motivating different people. I personally use small symbolic external motivators to solidify the motivation provided by my fascination with the process of learning and the anticipatory reward I get looking forward to using my new language skills. Should any of you need to motivate me, I will tell you that small pieces of dark chocolate work wonders.... Thanks. You are the best.

    This is awesome! I think Duolingo will end up having this feature someday anyway. IDK, but I think it's just natural for Duolingo to have it! I mean, i'ts already game-like in many ways :-)

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    Hey good idea but duo already has a sort of achivemnts but afterall this has been posted 5 years ago....

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